Alternative Photography has deeply stimulated me and inspired me. Combining and layering different mediums to creatively achieve one piece that tells a story. From, light writing in the darkroom, creating cyanotype's, albumin's, lumen's, double exposures to making my own pinhole camera.  The feeling of the sun on my back and work more hands on brought me happiness. I continued on the path of alternative mediums that I could print on or create an image on. At the same time of learning these processes I also enjoyed collecting worn out old furniture and wood that I would refinish. I realized my love for these projects/hobbies and thought about how I might combine them. Well, I did and my first wood print would be the cover of a book I designed and made from start to finish. It included double exposures of my self in many different situations that I shot using a Mamiya c330. After, laying out all my images and looking at them as individuals and as a whole I began to further explore the idea and concept of interpretation. We live life interpreting every moment but are we all interpreting it in the same way. So after completing my book "apparitions" and putting it up on display for many to view. I left what they might see open for interpretation. Knowing that the viewer will make the own opinion, separate from all. I seem to love a messy project or something that's different and stands out.

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Below you will find more information about the process and custom creations. If you have any other questions, please send me a message here.

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